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How much do you know about British and American festivities ?

Test your knowledge with the following web quest

The intent of this unit is to give some information about main British and American festivals for those people who are concerned in understanding and learning a different culture from their own. In each section teachers and educators can find a test to evaluate studentsí comprehension and also Surf the Net suggestions to find other useful material for further class activities .

RECEIVERS : This lesson plan is addressed to educators and teachers who need some material to be used for class activities.

Grade Level and Prerequisites : The activities are recommended for students aged 12-16.

Students who have already dealt with basic English grammatical structures, better A2 language level in English (or higher), according to the Common European Framework .

LENGTH OF LESSON : The lengths of lessons are at the discretion of the teachers. He/she may choose which of these topics are more useful to fulfill his/her learning objectives. In fact the teacher can use all or just some of the festivals considered in this unit. Anyway each chapter could be used for one lesson of 50 minutes, therefore the total time required to conclude the complete unit is 7 lessons (50 minutes each).



By the end of the present teaching unit, the student will be able to:

- describe and give examples of some UK and USA main festivals.

- be aware of different culture traditions

- interact with different cultures

- be aware of foreign countries different traditions

- learn some new English words, thus improve vocabulary in English as a foreign language

- improve students' language skills by surfing in the net and visit foreign languages sites

- present the life style of another culture.


After the lesson, students should develop the following skills:

- Communication as a mean to express opinions and ideas;

- Search information about British and American Festivals on the Internet.

Personal and Social Values/Attitudes

After the lesson, students should be able to develop the following values and attitudes:

- respect of different culture;

- awareness about different traditions existence and possible reappraisal of their own tradition compared to the foreign ones.

Methodology/procedure :

Plenary reading of the texts or silent reading.

Individual work or pair work in doing exercises.

Plenary correction of the proposed activities.

Assessment :

Each chapter has a comprehension test which could also be used as an assessment test.

  1. Columbus Day
  2. Halloween
  3. Thanksgiving Day
  4. Christmas
  5. Martin Luther King Day
  6. Easter
  7. Independence Day
  8. Assessment
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