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Independence Day

America on 4th July celebrates Independence Day: the birthday of America.

All Americans celebrate this day, its meaning is freedom and democracy, and it is celebrated to remember the Americanís ideals of liberty, equality and opportunity for all. In fact it is the celebration of the Declaration of Independence.

The holiday recalls the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. At that time, the thirteen American colonies [E1] [ES1] [E2] [F1] [I1] were part of Great Britain, but they wanted to be free from the British Government. They had to pay high taxes to Great Britain and there were many rebellions about that.

In April 1775 the American Revolution [E1] [I1] began. As the war continued, the colonists realized that they were fighting not just for better treatment; they were fighting for freedom from England's rule. On 4th July 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. Some of the leaders who signed the Declaration were Benjamin Franklin [E1] [ES1] [F1] [I1] , Thomas Jefferson [E1] [ES1] [F1] [I1] , George Washington [E1] [ES1] [F1] [I1] .

The declaration of Independence [E1] [ES1] [F1] [I1] proclaimed democracy and freedom for all Americans. The thirteen colonies now created their own nation: The United States of America. Anyway only in 1783 was signed the final peace treaty between America and Great Britain.

Today Americans celebrate the 4th July in many different ways: there is an American flag on every flagpole outside public buildings and schools, sometimes also in private houses. Americans call their flag [E1] [E2] the Stars and Stripes. Every city organize a big celebration, there are red, white and blue decorations on the streets. Traditional events are: patriotic speeches, parades, baseball games, music, picnics, barbeques and fireworks. In the west people make traditional rodeos with cowboys and horses.

Class activity to test comprehension:

Are these sentences True or False?

1. Independence Day is America birthday.

2. Americans fought because they wanted more taxes.

3. Independence day means freedom and democracy for all Americans.

4. The American flag is called Star and Points.

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