Charles Dickens di Elisa Armellino


1. What elements of Charles Dickenís life are described by him in his semi-autobiographical novel David Copperfield?

2. How did the author started his career as a writer? What was the title of the volume which collected the stories he published on monthly magazines?

3. Can you list the main themes of Charles Dickenís novels? Why is he often defined a Ďsentimentalí author?

4. How many years did queen Victoria reign over Britain?

5. What role did the Parliament play during the Victorian period?

6. Which were the British colonial possessions at the time?

7. Was the Victorian age an age of total splendour? Can you remember some of the social plagues of the period?

8. What social issues of the time can be found in C. Dickenís novels?

9. How can we link Mr. Gradgrindís character to Dickenís perspective on his society and on industrialism?

10. Can you remember how the author describes him?

11. What are Mr. Scroogeís feelings during his wanderings through time with the Spirit who visits him?



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