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Charles Dickens. Chronology: Life and Works

1812: Born on Friday, 7 November, in Portsmouth [E2] [F1] [S1].

1814: Moves to London with his family

1824: His father – a clerk in the navy – is arrested for debt and Charles Dickens begins to work at Warren’s Blacking factory

1829: Becomes a journalist

1833: His first story – Dinner at Poplar Walk – is published on the Monthly Magazine

1836: Marries Catherine Hogarth Publishes Sketches by Boz (his pseudonym)

1837: becomes father of Charles junior; Finishes The Pickwick Papers; begins Oliver Twist;

1838: Begins Nicholas Nickleby

1841: Finishes The Old Curiosity Shop

1843: Begins Martin Chuzzlewit; publishes A Christams Carol

1846: Begins Dombey and Son

1850: Finishes David Copperfield

1853: Finishes Bleak House

1857: Finishes Little Dorrit

1861: Finishes Great Expectations

1867: Begins to give public readings in England, Scotland, Ireland and America

1870: Suffers a stroke and dies on June 9 (buried at Westminster Abbey).



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