King Lear: Love, Tyranny and Madness di Nadia Signorello


This unit focuses on Shakespeare’s King Lear . The format of the class is primarily discussion based on close readings of the assigned play. Supplementary materials – handouts, reading guides, etc. – will be provided, and film versions of the play will enhance our understanding of Shakespeare’s drama.


Shakespeare is solidly enshrined in literary canon, not just for his sheer productiveness, but also for creating some of the best examples of the Elizabethan drama. King Lear is often considered one of Shakespeare’s finest works, and is a suitable choice for continuing students’ introduction to Shakespeare. As the play explores several themes common to the playwright’s other works and at the same time is very complex, analysing it will provide a good preparation for the final exam (esame di stato) as well as develop students’ critical skills.

  2. Parents and Children
  3. Lear's Darker Purpose
  4. Love and Justice in The Family
  5. Stand Up For Bastards!
  6. The Role of Astrology in King Lear
  7. The Double Paradox: Madness in Reason and Reason in Madness
  8. A Bloody Proclamation
  9. The Point of No Return
  10. The Tragic Genre from Classical to Contemporary: King Lear and Ran
  11. Assessment
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