The American Constitution di Barbara Franchino

TEACHING UNIT TITLE: The American Constitution

SUBJECT AREA: history; social studies

TARGET: English mother tongue or English second language students aged 15 to 19

This is a short outline of the American Constitution in both historical and current perspective. Its contribution to present-day America's political set-up and to the development of modern democracy is fully analyzed. Moreover, links to websites are provided in order to clarify especially relevant historical and political issues.

By the end of the teaching unit, students should be able to:
- Understand why the US Constitution was written
- Identify the key principles underlying the Constitution
- Understand the different roles played by the three political branches of the American government and the changes they underwent over the time
- Become aware of the influence of the American Constitution on the subsequent constitutional frames all over the world
- Understand the reasons why the Constitution is still effective and enduring

Click below to find teaching resources, games and assessments about the US Constitution:

Teaching resources 1
Teaching resources 2
Teaching resources 3
Teaching resources 4
Teaching resources 5
Teaching resources 6

  1. History
  2. Structure of the Constitution
  3. The Bill of Rights
  4. Key principles
  5. The three branches of the US Government
  6. Adaptability of the US Constitution
  7. World significance of the US Constitution
  8. Self-assessment
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